Beaming Baby Best for Bottoms


I did dabble with the idea of using cloth nappies, but instead opted for disposable ones. However, I would only use disposable nappies if I could find an eco-friendly nappy that was as good as the leading brands, otherwise I would have to bite the bullet and embrace reusable nappies. I discovered Beaming Baby and have never looked back! So, why do I like them so much and why should you swap to Beaming Baby?


Beaming baby ticked my first box. Including the packaging, they are over 75% bio-degradable. According to Beaming Baby: ‘that’s 40% more biodegradable than standard disposable nappies; this is the most biodegradable disposable nappy currently available in the UK.’ Most of the nappy biodegrades within 4 years instead of the 400 years that a standard nappy takes. 400 years! That means those standard nappies that go into landfills will still be there when our Great Great Grandchildren are changing their babies’ bottoms! I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sit well with me! Beaming Baby’s environmentally friendly philosophy extends beyond their nappies. Their factory is currently building a wind farm to help them achieve their goal to be carbon neutral, thus reducing Global Warming for our children. They have a biodegradable water resistant outer sheet made with natural cotton and cornstarch paper. The absorbent layer is fortified with 100% natural cornstarch. The packaging is bio-degradable. They are totally chlorine free (yes, chlorine is used in nappies, that surprised me too) and contain only clean plastics which are used in the velcro patch and elasticated back and side panels.

Better for Baby’s Bottom

Apart from the reduced chemicals, Beaming Baby have also introduced a ‘Revolutionary Naturally Breathable Layer’ which allows your baby’s skin to…well, breath. (There’s also no nasty ‘nappy’ smell that you get with standard nappies) This is combined with a GM free Absorbent Core to keep the wetness away from baby’s bottom for up to 12 hours, so no need to wake baby in the middle of the night. Beaming Baby nappies are also infused with Chamomile, so are great for babies with sensitive bottoms!

The nappies have stretchy panels on both sides and at the back, so they move and stretch with your baby.

Great Service

If you order the nappies before 2pm, Beaming Baby guarantee next day delivery. Perfect if you’re on your last few nappies!

If your little one has a growth spurt and no longer fits the nappies you have, Beaming Baby will pick up any unopened nappies for FREE and replace them with the next size up. How’s that for service.

And as an extra bonus, Beaming Baby donate a percentage of their profits to various charities.

Beaming baby offer free trial packs, why not give them a go for a happy baby and happy planet!